May 2018



Women of the ELCA
Love Day:  Tuesday, May 8
Bible Study Leader – Arnita Winders
Hostess – Carol Huggins
Covered Dish Luncheon

Saving Labels & Bar Codes: For Campbell Soup & Best Choice, see list on the WELCA bulletin board for what to save.

Book Club
Book Club is meeting 11:45 am on June 4 at Ruby Tuesday’s in Belton. We are reading One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. Read this one, & you’re hooked for the entire series!

Photo Directories
If you haven’t yet received your Photo Directory, see Neca Mills or June Eagan. Please be sure to get checked off the list when you pick yours up – one per family. With this loose-leaf format, pages can be added as we add new members and get pictures of activities. A huge thanks to Neca & June for all their hard work on this project – it would not have gotten finished without them! Please let the office know regularly of any changes in your address or phone.

Landscaping Help Appreciated
The entrance to our church is the first impression people have of Lord of Love.   For several years a small group of congregants have worked to improve and maintain the bushes and flowers there.  This group is now older in age.  We are in need of about three more able-bodied people.  It involves trimming shrubbery and planting and weeding flower beds.  It is not a big job—many hands make light work!  If you can help talk to Linda Darr or Ken VanSickle.    

Stewardship Corner
The stewardship team met last month to further discuss making available electronic giving for those members that use this method for paying their bills. The Vanco people were making available a free three-month trial period if we would submit our application by March 31, 2018. After reviewing what needed to be in place for the free period, it was decided that we were not ready to sign up for this program. Our accounting system is not on the internet and it needs to be installed to complete electronic giving. Also, our current accounting program is compatible with the Vanco electronic giving system but it probably is not the best system.

The team also completely revised the procedures that we had developed earlier and will make this updated procedure available for church council approval. The team also determined that since we were responsible for obtaining an audit team we should develop procedures for the audit activity. A draft procedure for the audit team was prepared and after everyone has a chance to review this procedure, it will be made available for church council approval.

Several of the items that were identified to be fixed or repaired for this year have been corrected. If you have any additional items that should be fixed or repaired give us your input.

Thank you for your extra giving during the Lenten season to help reduce the mortgage on the Servant Hall. With extra contributions from our members and from our current budget toward this mortgage it can soon be paid off. As you can see, stewardship is not a one time a year event but continues all year.



It took the forty days of Lent to prepare ourselves for Easter and it takes at least the fifty days of the Easter season to celebrate Easter.  Such is the wonder and hope of the news that the One who was crucified now lives and moves amongst us that no one day can contain it all.  For fifty days the Paschal Candle will burn brightly in our worship as a reminder of the Christ who is present with us and for us.  For fifty days we will greet each other with the amazing news, "He is risen!"  "He is risen, indeed!"  For fifty days we will welcome the return of the alleluia to our service as we seek to give voice to our joy.  For fifty days we will celebrate the community and life God has created for his people marked by the waters of baptism and rebirth.  For fifty days we will rejoice in the news of the empty tomb and we will testify with the disciples, "We have seen the Lord!"
The following Sundays will highlight the risen Christ in our midst, as we acknowledge and give thanks for the following:
May 6:  We welcome new members into the life and ministry at Lord of Love.
May 13: We celebrate all the women who mother us with love and care.
May 20: We call forth leaders to serve on Council at our congregational meeting.

See you in worship!
Pastor Meggan

From Synod Office

Members of the Central States Synod joined about 2,000 people in Washington, D.C., last week, drawn by the National Council of Churches’ “A.C.T. NOW! Rally to End Racism.” Planned around the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the rally on the Capitol Mall featured dozens of speakers from a variety of faith traditions, all addressing what has been termed America’s Original Sin – racism.
Acknowledging racism is one thing, speakers said; taking practical, specific steps to eliminate it is a lifelong project that must be engaged by us as individuals in our workplaces, our schools, our churches, our communities. But we also heard the hopeful news that Dr. King’s dream of a society where persons are accepted and valued because of their character and not their color is a vision worthy of our best efforts. 
--- Bishop Roger Gustafson, Central States Synod, ELCA

Other who attended were Keith Hohly, Bishop’s Associate; Donna Simon, Director for Evangelical Mission; and Peggy Schaefer, Parish Ministry Associate.

Lord of Love
Lutheran Church
Church Office: 331-5465
Fax: 331-9148

Pastor Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt
Office: 816-331-5465
Cell: 913-749-3869

Judy Rauscher
Staff Secretary

Tom Johnson

Jim Brauer
Vice-President /President Elect

Jay Hoglund
Council Secretary

Merl Teigen
Council – Facilities

Richard Yotter
Council – Finance

Kathy Morton
Council – New Ministries

Neca Mills
Council Liaison to Care Team

Karen Franke

Art Tees
Tech Support for Treasurer

Yvonne Salmon
Financial Secretary

Jim Brauer & Julie Adolphson
Sunday School Coordinator


LOL LifeLine is a monthly newsletter of Lord of Love Lutheran Church, Belton Missouri.  It is a devotional and informational tool for Lord of Love and community.


5/6          Tom & Shirley Johnson
5/13       Tom & June Eagan
5/20       Donna Morrison & Angie Souders
5/27       Jackson, Louis & Adam Prosser-Gebhardt

5/6          Alec/Julie/Doug Adolphson
5/13       Jim & Sam Brauer
5/20       Tom & June Eagan
5/27       Madelon Gott & Valeeta Lucas

5/6          Ryan/Mary Tinkler
5/13       Richard Yotter
5/20       Alec/Julie/Doug Adolphson
5/27       Jim/Sam Brauer
5/6          NA
5/13       NA
5/20       Pastor Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt
5/27       Mary Tinkler
Assisting Ministers
5/6          Mary Tinkler
5/13       Sam Brauer
5/20       Addison Miller
5/27       Carol Petznick
Gifts Bearers
5/6          Adam & Louis Prosser-Gebhardt
5/13       Sophia Foti & Nancy Williamson
5/20       Oren Sisson & Antonio Gutierrez-Diaz
5/27       Brodie & Taylor Cummings

5/6          Kayden Miller
5/13       Victoria Ladd
5/20       Addison Miller
5/27       Mimi Brauer
Altar Guild
Debbie Swisher & Sharon Scheel

Offering Counters
Gale Hankins & Darrell Rose


Altar Guild                                    Madelon Gott
Acolytes & Gift Bearers                Madelon Gott
Assisting Ministers                         Ryan Tinkler
Ushers                                           Joye Conklin      
Lectors                                          Joye Conklin
Cantors                                         Merl Teigen
Chancel Choir
& Music Director                           Carol Petznick                    
Greeters                                         Joye Conklin
Offering Counters                           Joye Conklin

Prayer Concerns for the Past Month

Family & Friends of–

ALSO: Rick Bollinger, Cleta, Dorthy Johnson, Phil Maynard, Donna Morrison, Carol Patterson, Gary Rodieck, Yvonne Salmon,  Marley Sugar, Royce Tinkler, Don Vinduska, Richard Yotter

Please check the military list – are there any updates on your loved one?        

Military: Gabe Alvord, Michael Best, Austin William Briggs, Bryan Collver, Geoffry Collver, Emily Ecshbacher, Drake Fawcett, Hunter Fawcett, Jessica Goicoechea, Shane Martin, Derek McDonald, Marc Meier, Jess Moore, Michael Peterson, Colby Petznick, Nick Sanford, Rod Severence,  & Patrick Williams

Birthday Celebrations

5/1           Marlys Yotter
5/3           Melissa Brooks
5/7           Tanner Baller
5/8           Carolyn Briggs
5/10         Ryan Tinkler
5/11         Kari Prince
5/14         Carol Patterson
5/15         Joyce Hankins
5/24         Douglas Adolphson
                  Madelon Gott
5/29         Mia Brauer
5/30         Inger Robinson


5/7      Tom & Shirley Johnson
5/9      Dallas & Arnita Winders
5/25    John Wall & Patty Reid
5/29    Jim & Aranza Brauer

If you have been omitted from the birthday or anniversary list, please contact the Church office at 331-5465 or so we can update our records.   jcr

Lectionary Readings for May
May 8, 6th Sunday of Easter
Acts 10:44-48
Psalm 98
1 John 5:1-6
John 15:9-17

May 13 7th Sunday of Easter
Acts 1:15-17, 21-26
Psalm 1
The Lord knows the way of the righteous. (Ps. 1:6)
1 John 5:9-13
Life in the Son of God
John 17:6-19

May 20, Pentecost
Acts 2:1-21
Ezekiel 37:1-14 (alternate)
Psalm 104:24-34, 35b
Romans 8:22-27
Acts 2:1-21 (alternate)
John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15

May 27, Holy Trinity
Isaiah 6:1-8
Psalm 29
Romans 8:12-17
John 3:1-17

Highlights April 2018 Council Meeting

  1. The meeting was called to order by President Tom Johnson on April 12, 2018, at 7:04 PM.
  2. Richard Yotter was not present.
  3. Sandy Koetting was present, representing the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.
  4. The devotion was provided by Merl Teigen.
  5. The agenda was approved as read and amended.
  6. The minutes of the last Council Meeting were approved as read.
  7. Sandy Koetting, representing the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, thanked the Church for its support and use of Church facilities for Scout meetings and activities.  She reviewed the Scout’s progression through their ranks, their activities, their community involvement, and the various Scout camps that they will attend this year.   The Scouts recently helped with the Blood Drive at the Church and she stated they would also be glad to help with other projects around the Church, such as the gardens, etc.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Franke Treasurer:  Report was approved as presented.  The recent request for additional giving to pay off the mortgage more quickly brought in approximately $7,000.00, bringing the mortgage down to approximately $54, 800.00.

Pastor’s Report - Pastor Meggan:

  1. Pastoral care: 5 visits.
  2. Community Partnership: St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Cass County Non-Profits, and the Cass County Homeless Working Group.
  3. Synod Support: Church Vitality Initiative.
  4. Committee Collaboration:  Worship (Seder Planning), Care Team, Social Justice, and Building an Inclusive Church.
  5. Special Services:  Mid-week Lenten services, Seder Meal, Good Friday, and Easter at the Barn (attended by approximately 60 members).
  6. Ministry Summary:

(1)  Worship: planning and coordinating worship service for Lent/Easter.

  1. Created an intergenerational mid-week service series.
  2. Shared artistic talent by lifting up images present in the Sunday scripture reading.
  3. Upcoming Dates:
  4. Nominating Committee Meeting: April 22.
  5. New Member Sunday: May 6.

Ministry Team Reports:

Facilities Team - Merl Teigen Team Chair: Had furnace “C” repaired.  Tested emergency lights.  Purchased and installed dishwasher for the Fellowship Hall.  Replaced battery in riding lawn mower and cleaned mower for the mowing season.  Shoveled snow from sidewalks twice.  Repaired the ceiling light and several ceiling tile in the Servant Hall men’s restroom. Found someone sleeping in the donation shed on Church property.

Finance and Stewardship Team - Richard Yotter Team Chair: The next Team meeting will be May 6, 2018, at 10:15 AM.  Prepared job description templates for the Finance and Stewardship Team chair and the Audit Team to be reviewed by the Team.  Prepared Church Council Procedure templates for review and comment by the Team.

Evangelism Team - Kathy Morton Team Chair: Belton St Patrick’s Day Parade: about 23 people participated.  Tom Johnson furnished the wagon and Tom Eagan pulled the wagon with his truck.  About 15 children participated in the Easter Egg Hunt.

Personnel Team:   Executive Council:   No report.

Community Meal Team – Reported by Yvonne Salmon:   A total of 396 meals were served in February with 183 of those meals provided as take-home meals.  A total of 402 meals were served in March with 137 of those meals provided as take-home meals.   It was decided that no Community Meal will be served on July 4, 2018, because of the 4th of July holiday.  The Community Meal Account ending balances were: $10,567.79 for January;   $10,312.67 for February and $6, 178.85 for March.  

Care Team – Neca Mills Liaison:  Home-bound congregation members received a total of 30 weekly meals during the nine weeks since the last report.  Three congregation members were given rides to church services each week and to other activities, as they requested.  Five home-bound congregation members received Holy Communion, prayers and fellowship.  Cards were sent, telephone calls were made, emails were sent, and/or home visits were made to comfort and encourage eight  members and their families during their illness, extended recuperation, bereavement, or prolonged absence.   The Meal Partners Team members attended the Community Meals each Wednesday evening and interacted with the Community Meal attendees.  The new Pictorial Church Directory has been distributed to approximately 75% of the congregation.  The next Care Team meeting will be held on June 11, 2018.

Worship and Music Team: No report. Vicki Hedger is the new Team Chair.

Education Team - Jim Brauer Team Chair:  No report. 

Green Team - Jim Brauer Team Chair:  Volunteers are requested for the Earth Day Church lawn spring clean up after the Sunday Church service on April 22.  Due to inclement weather, this has been re-scheduled for April 29.

The Ministry Team reports were approved.

Unfinished Business:

  1. Ministry Team Chair job descriptions:  Pastor Meggan prepared a template for team chair job descriptions which were emailed to each team chair for them to complete.   The Stewardship Team Chair and Care Team Chair job descriptions are currently being created.
  2. Church Security:  Earl File, David Salmon, and Jeff Cetto are currently working on church security and Pastor Meggan will further coordinate with them.

New Business:

  1. Church Vitality Initiative:  Pastor Meggan recommended that church participate in the ELCA Congregational Vitality Project Survey.  The survey will assess congregational strengths and weaknesses. It has been found that this has been very beneficial for other ELCA congregations by increasing personal and congregational involvement with increased mission support and increased worship attendance.  The initial survey will cost approximately $100.00.   Funding the initial survey was approved.  After receiving the results of the initial survey, if the Church decides to go forward with the program, it will set up a new three person temporary team plus Pastor Meggan.  The team will work with a coach who has been trained by the Synod. The Church will then participate in Vitality workshops on worship, leadership, community, and planning.  The cost of these additional Vitality workshops would be approximately $250.00 per year, to pay for the services of the Synod coach.
  2. Building an Inclusive Church: Pastor Meggan recommended forming a working group of 5-10 people that will be lead by Ruth VanSickle to discuss and explore Building an Inclusive Church.  This was approved.  
  3. Church Organ: the old church organ that is currently in storage may be sold to the Calvary Bible College. 
  4. New church council officers will be nominated on May 20, 2018.
  5. A recommendation was made by Merl Teigen that the church should purchase an additional church member memorial plaque.  This recommendation was approved.
  6. It was discussed that motorized dirt bikes are being operated on the back (north) portion of the church property.  The trespassing parties will (again) be asked not to trespass on Church property.
  7. Merl Teigen stated that he and Earl File will purchase and install replacements for all of the battery operated smoke detectors in the building, as they are all more than 15 years old and need to be replaced.
  8. The Lord of Love Lutheran Church Banner is missing.  If the banner cannot be found, it should be replaced.
  9. The devotion for the June 14, 2018, Church Council meeting will be provided by Pastor Meggan.

The Council meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jay Hoglund
Council Secretary

Directory Update
Inger Robinson address: C/O Sandy Sherrick, 366 N. Crest, Raymore, MO 64083. Please add updates & corrections as we publish them, to keep your directory up-to-date.

Thank-You Cards
Dear Lord of Love Family, Thank you so much for the love, understanding and prayers for me & my healing. I am real testimony as to the power of prayer. My suffering from the last couple of months with a return of colitis is being lifted from me, slowly but surely. I can point to several instance in my life where ONLY PRAYER has brought me healing. Sadly I did not have the courage to share with my church family each time until it became critical. Please learn from my lessons. Please help me and each other to share our burdens, to ask each other for prayers. I am a miracle. Thank you God. Rocky and I thank you each with all our hearts.                   Cheryl DeAngelo

Thanks to everyone for your cards, letters and prayers during my cancer treatment and surgery during this past few  weeks. These thought and concerns have meant a great deal to me and helped the healing during my recovery.
Richard Yotter

Chance to Work with Pastries
The patrons of our Wednesday Meal really appreciate the delicious breads and sweets provided by Panera Bread each week. We need a person to coordinate the volunteers that pick up and sort & bag these goods. Contact Donna Morrison at 913-485-2705 if you can help.
The Risen Christ:                                             
An Examination of the Resurrection Narratives
Wednesday Evenings – May 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2018 ~ 7-9 PM, repeated on Thursday Mornings – May 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2018 ~ 10 AM to Noon
During the Easter season we proclaim with great joy the resurrection story of Jesus. The resurrection accounts articulate the faith experience, meaning and significance that Jesus had for the community that produced the gospel. To unpack the resurrection accounts, it is important to know the mind and heart of the gospel community that produced them.

These four two-hour sessions will examine the resurrection narratives of each of the four gospels, along with the significance that the Risen Christ had for Paul, as reflected in his letters. `Come, bring your Bibles and a friend and let us all reflect on these rich narratives which help us explore the deeper meaning of our baptismal call as disciples of the Lord. All churches and faith traditions are most welcomed. To register, either call (816-979-3153) or e-mail ( Biagio or call (816-979-3151) or e-mail (

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