April 2018



Women of the ELCA
Love Day:  Tuesday, April 10
Bible Study Leader – Linda Darr
Hostess – Donna Huber
Covered Dish Luncheon

Saving Labels & Bar Codes: For Campbell Soup & Best Choice, see list on the WELCA bulletin board for what to save.

Book Club
Book Club is meeting at Hawiian Brothers in Belton on April 23, 11:30am.  We are reading Sycamore Row by John Grisham: “When wealthy Seth Hubbard hangs himself from a sycamore tree and leaves his fortune to his black maid, Jake Brigance once again finds himself embroiled in a fiercely controversial trial -- a trial that will expose old racial tensions and force Ford County to confront its tortured history.”

Southland Community Chorale
Annual Spring Concert
 Southland Community Chorale's Annual Spring Concert is scheduled on Sunday, April 29, 2018, at 3:00 pm at Raymore Christian Church, located at 500 Peace Drive, Raymore, MO 64083.

The Concert literature will be mixed with inspirational and secular music and conducted by Cheryl German Clark. Cheryl has invited her brother, David German, Minister of Music, composer and arranger from Nashville, TN to conduct two of the his choral arrangements for this program.

 If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Betty File, 816-249-2265. (Betty is a member of this group. jcr)

Stewardship Corner
The stewardship team would like to thank everyone for your completed time, talent and possession activities for the first quarter of this year. This includes the special offering received for a new dishwasher in the fellowship hall and the extra giving to reduce the mortgage debt on the construction of our Servant Hall.

The stewardship team is currently looking into making available electronic giving for those members that use this method for paying their bills. We would like your feedback on how many members would be interested in using electronic giving for your offerings.

The team will continue to identify any items that would be good to have fixed or repaired for this year and try to get them corrected. Some of these items have been identified and are currently being corrected. If you have any items that should be fixed or repaired give us your input.

As you can see, stewardship is not a one time a year event but continues all year. Our good deeds, and selfless acts are a shining gift to our lord. In proportion to the gifts God has given us our gifts are very small. But they are acceptable because they are given by each of us with cheerfulness and love.

Photo directories

Photo directories are on the table in the narthex. Please be sure to get checked off the list when you pick yours up – one per family. With this loose-leaf format, pages can be added as we add new members and get pictures of activities. A huge thanks to Neca & June for all their hard work on this project – it would not have gotten finished without them!


Easter is always wonderful – the church full of new and familiar faces, children dressed in their “Easter” best, the smell and sight of lilies surrounding the altar.  And then there is the music – the choir, the songs of praise, the brass instruments and alleluias.  Easter is always wonderful.

I especially remember one Easter.  The choir was exceptionally good and their final note was one of triumphant and joy.  As they sat down I found myself wondering, “how does one follow something as powerful as that?”  What did follow was the one thing that could follow.  “On the first day of the week the women went to the tomb, taking spices which they had prepared.  And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb…’Why do you seek the living among the dead?  He is not here, but has risen.’”

He is risen!  The reason for the all the singing and celebration.  He is risen!  The reason for the lilies and the smiling faces.  He is risen!  The reason we come to worship, the reason the church exists.

Easter worship is always wonderful but that isn’t what got us out of bed so early on a weekend morning.  What wakes us up and draws us here are the most wonderful words ever spoken, the most unexpected words ever heard, the most hopeful of words ever repeated. “He is not here, but has risen.’”  He is risen indeed!

See you in worship!
Pastor Meggan

From Synod Office

"So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old passed away; see, everything has become new! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation."  2 Corinthians 5:17–18.

On Ash Wednesday the sign of the cross was placed on our foreheads. This is the visible sign of our desire to be reconciled again and again to God, to our neighbor, and to our true selves. May we be reconciled and become agents of reconciliation in the world. Let us repent! And believe in the Gospel!

Lent, like spring, is a time of new beginning, a time of blooming, a time of restoration. The winter season is past, the dryness, coldness, and darkness of winter is replaced by a new creation, beautiful, colorful, and full of life.

It makes sense that we gather this Lenten season to be reconciled. Maybe we do not consider any of our actions "serious sins," maybe our doings were more mundane: a bad attitude, a strong word, and a lack of understanding. Whatever it was if we are honest with ourselves we recognize that it placed us outside, it hindered our relationship with God, others, or both.

Reconciliation cannot be taken lightly. It requires more than an "I'm sorry," or even an "I'll never do it again," it takes a changed heart, a transformed spirit, a gift of grace. Left to our own devices we would either never reconcile, too proud to acknowledge any wrongdoing, or jump to a superficial reconciliation, where no one does the difficult work, the soul work, required for a truly renewed relationship with others or with God.

Have our actions or inactions broken relationships with others?
What needs to change in us in order for reconciliations with others to take place?
How have our attitudes and ways of life become hindrances to experiencing life as a gift and to experience others as a gift?

Let us pray:
Holy God, to turn from you is to fall; to turn to you is to rise; to stand with you, open our lives to you, that is to abide forever. Show us the way of Jesus and keep leading us. Amen.

– Dennis Allerheiligen, V.P. Central States Synod

Lord of Love
Lutheran Church
Church Office: 331-5465
Fax: 331-9148

Pastor Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt
Office: 816-331-5465
Cell: 913-749-3869

Judy Rauscher
Staff Secretary

Tom Johnson

Jim Brauer
Vice-President /President Elect

Jay Hoglund
Council Secretary

Merl Teigen
Council – Facilities

Richard Yotter
Council – Finance

Kathy Morton
Council – New Ministries

Neca Mills
Council Liaison to Care Team

Karen Franke

Art Tees
Tech Support for Treasurer

Yvonne Salmon
Financial Secretary

Jim Brauer & Julie Adolphson
Sunday School Coordinator


LOL LifeLine is a monthly newsletter of Lord of Love Lutheran Church, Belton Missouri.  It is a devotional and informational tool for Lord of Love and community.


4/1           Alec/Julie/Doug Adolphson
4/8           Jodie & Bethanie Cummings
4/15         Bill & Linda Darr
4/22         Ernie Franke & Gale Hankins
4/29         Ken & Carol Huggins

4/1           Darrell & Jo Rose
4/8           David & Yvonne Salmon
4/15         Ryan & Mary Tinkler
4/22         Valerie Trigger & Valeeta Lucas
4/29         Richard & Marlys Yotter

4/1           Carol Petznick
4/8           John Prosser-Gebhardt
4/15         Darrell/Jo Rose
4/22         David Salmon
4/29         Merl Teigen
4/1           Ryan Tinkler
4/8           Pastor Meggan
4/15         Pastor Meggan
4/22         Ryan Tinkler
4/29         Merl Teigen
Assisting Ministers
4/1           Ryan Tinkler
4/8           Louis Prosser-Gebhardt
4/15         Jackson Prosser-Gebhardt
4/22         Joye Conklin
4/29         Merl Teigen
Gifts Bearers
4/1           C.J. Chambers & Ryan Tinkler
4/8           Sophia Foti & Nancy Williamson
4/15         Oren Sisson & Antonio Gutierrez-Diaz
4/22         Brodie & Taylor Cummings
4/29         Wally & Xavier Garcia

4/1           Victoria Ladd
4/8           Madilyn Brooks
4/15         Adam Prosser-Gebhardt
4/22         Frieda Brauer
4/29         Meagan Boze
Children’s Sermon
4/1           Pastor Meggan Prosser-Gebhardt
4/15         Ryan Tinkler
Altar Guild
                  Bethany Ladd

Offering Counters
Joye Conklin & Shirley Johnson


Altar Guild                                      Madelon Gott
Acolytes & Gift Bearers                  Madelon Gott
Assisting Ministers                           Ryan Tinkler
Ushers                                             Joye Conklin      
Lectors                                            Joye Conklin
Cantors                                            Merl Teigen
Chancel Choir
   & Music Director                          Carol Petznick                    
Greeters                                           Bill & Linda Darr
Offering Counters                             Joye Conklin

Prayer Concerns for the Past Month

Family & Friends of – Phillip Forsythe

ALSO: Jim Arr, Rick Bollinger, Carole Brummer, Ray Clifton, Pat Kennedy, Carol Patterson, Yvonne Salmon,  Marley Sugar, Royce Tinkler, Richard Yotter

Please check the military list – are there any updates on your loved one?        

Military: Gabe Alvord, Michael Best, Austin William Briggs, Bryan Collver, Geoffry Collver, Emily Ecshbacher, Hunter Fawcett, Jessica Goicoechea, Shane Martin, Derek McDonald, Marc Meier, Jess Moore, Michael Peterson, Colby Petznick, Nick Sanford, Rod Severence,  & Patrick

Birthday Celebrations

4/1           Vern Ulledahl
4/4           Jay Hoglund
4/12         Sharon Carneal
                  Jackson Prosser-Gebhardt
4/16         Samuel Brauer
4/19         Vincent Cooper
4/23         Mia Dibben
                  Tom Johnson
4/25         Valeeta Lucas
4/26         C.J. Chambers
4/28         Victoria Ladd
                  Carol Watson
4/29         Nicole Hilden 


4/7           Ryan & Mary Tinkler
4/18         Gale & Joyce Hankins

If you have been omitted from the birthday or anniversary list, please contact the Church office at 331-5465 or lolsecretary@sbcglobal.net so we can update our records.   jcr

Lectionary Readings for April
April 1, Resurrection of Our Lord
Acts 10:34-43
Isaiah 25:6-9 (alternate)
Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24
1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Acts 10:34-43 (alternate)
Mark 16:1-8
John 20:1-18 (alternate)

April 8, 2nd Sunday of Easter
Acts 4:32-35
Psalm 133
1 John 1:1--2:2
John 20:19-31

April 15, 3rd Sunday of Easter
Acts 3:12-19
Psalm 4
1 John 3:1-7
Luke 24:36b-48

April 22, 4th Sunday of Easter
Acts 4:5-12
Psalm 23
1 John 3:16-24
John 10:11-18

April 29, 5th Sunday of Easter
Acts 8:26-40
Psalm 22:25-31
1 John 4:7-21
John 15:1-8

Thank You Notes
Thanks to everyone for your prayers, cards and letters during my treatment for bladder cancer. Cancer treatment not going good in TX, so will be returning to Greenwood soon for regular treatments. Richard Yotter

Dallas Winders thanks everyone for calls & prayers during his recent illness.

Thanks for all the cards and prayers following my foot surgery; I appreciated them very much. Jim Arr

The Brauer family wishes to thank everybody for their prayers, support, and cards during Mimi’s recent surgery and recovery.

Blood Drive
In spite of bad weather, our Blood Drive on February 22 brought in 19 units. Thanks to all who donated! Lives will be saved.

From Thrivent
We are pleased to let you know that we have made a deposit in your account on behalf of Thrivent Financial's Thrivent Choice(R) program. We hope this gift helps to further support your important work. Amount of deposit: $135.00

Thrivent Financial members directing Choice Dollars to your organization: Tom & June Eagan.

Getting to Know our LOL Members
Dr. Ken and Ruth Van Sickle

Ken was born in Emporia, Kansas, January 4th 1937. He attended various schools in Emporia and also a one room school house in Fall River, Kansas. Ken has always loved being outdoors especially fishing and riding horses on a large ranch in Fall River.

When he was a sophomore in High School his parents moved to Grandview, Missouri. Ken met Ruth (born February 26th, 1938 in Kansas City, Missouri) in algebra class.

After high school, Ken headed to K-State. One year later, Ruth enrolled at KU. Just before classes were to start, Ken’s mother called Ruth to suggest that she might want to switch to K-State, because Ken would be spending a lot of time traveling between Manhattan and Lawrence, Kansas.

Ken and Ruth were married in 1958 while still in college. Because of a housing shortage, the only thing available was a 25 ft. trailer (actually only 23 ft. due to a 2 ft. overhang). While it overlooked Kansas pastures, I would not describe the living area as spacious with a vista of the western range. Fortunately married student housing became available the next year.

Ken became a Veterinarian and Ruth did research in microbial genetics followed by approximately 25 years in clinical microbiology with 6 years in technical services for a large microbiology media manufacturer.

Ken was a Veterinarian in the US Army for 6 years and assigned to Rochester, New York and San Juan, Puerto Rico. We were able to take many trips to the other Caribbean islands. After his tour of duty, He preferred to return to the Midwest to practice, first in Gladstone, Missouri and then in Belton.

We have 3 children, Susan 53, David 50, and Kathryn 45. We have 6 grandchildren, Matt 23, Kaitlyn 19, Noah 18, Karissa 16, Julia 9, and Makayla 8.

We both love to travel but have little available time. We took a 10 day trip to England with other Veterinarians. Ruth also went to Sweden on a
business trip. While not a foreign country, we both would like to return to Hawaii. We both enjoy music, travel and gardening.

Joel Nelson, former Lord of Love Pastor, was instrumental in getting us to become members 42 years ago. Friendliness of members has always been a big factor for us to call Lord of Love our church home. We both have served on various committees, church council and special projects.

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